What’s in a name? A business!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for such a long while, but due to one thing (read excuse!) or another I’d never quite got round to it. So back in May I decided to bite the bullet, stop talking about it and ‘just do it’ (my mantra for the year to stop me dithering). And aren’t I glad I did. As apart from giving me an outlet for the writing of my own choosing, its actually taking me on a decidedly different path – which is incredibly exciting – and its all down to the name.

When thinking about what to call my blog, like everyone I wanted it to be unique, personal to me and something with meaning – a story to tell. After toying over a few options with my hubby, we saw what was right in front us all along. The time 09:38. The exact moment that both our children were born, a very special number for us all and  so mumma0938 was created.

I had every intention of my blog simply being a channel for stories and anecdotes – something other parents, parents-to-be, grandparents  (or just anyone that was interested) could read with a cuppa and smile, laugh, sympathise – or even commiserate over! But the more I got to think about those moments that my kiddies were born, and how life changed completely each time, the more my brain began to whirr… (a dangerous concept I know).

Having kids is incredible. No matter how many times (or in what way) you are told that their arrival will rock your world, you don’t really get it, not until it happens. In that moment that they arrive your life as you know it is gone. And in its place is a new kind chaos that you have to work out along the way. It can be wonderful, traumatic, fun, exhausting…but whatever it is, it is a new kind of normal. And it all began in that moment they arrived. Then you have another one and it starts all over again.

I believe these life changing moments are worthy of a shout out. For the kids – an acknowledgement of their momentous arrivals and for the parents – a recognition of the precise moment it all went mad (or amazing / crazy / delightful – delete as appropriate, every ride into parenthood is different!).

So how exactly is this a business? Very soon ***excited pause*** I’ll be launching a line of baby, kids and parentwear that celebrate the moment life changed. A chance to #markthemoment your children rocked your world.

I’m just in the process of finalising artwork and getting my samples ready, but I hope to have some images to share with you all very soon. I can’t quite believe this is actually happening.

Its tough trying to launch a small business. But its something I’m so passionate about, so the fire in my belly is successfully keeping me awake, as I spend my nights working once the little ones are in bed. Trust me to come up with this, at the same time the youngest #0938er starts finally sleeping through the night…