Two months in already?!

So we’re nearing our 2 month anniversary of being in business! Wow. How quickly that has gone. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us to date. You really are very lovely people indeed.

When we went live at precisely 09:38 (when else..) on October 1st, I’d love to tell you that I was sitting serenely, glass of fizz in hand toasting the launch as we hit GO. That’s what I’d like to tell you. But sadly the reality was somewhat different. I was rather fraught having just wrestled the 0938ers apart, I looked like a wild bag lady – still in my pjs, a crazed look in my eye (having been up for far too long already) and the fizz? Well that was a cold cup of tea. Still. We went live, my children stopped trying to torment each other and the hubby took us all out for a celebratory brunch. So altogether a good day. Actually scrap that – a bloody fantastic day. It was the day that Mumma 09:38 became real. Months of hard work culminated in the moment we went live. And whilst one part of me heaved a huge sigh of relief, another sprung into action. As it was just the beginning.

Mumma 0938 is my passion. I truly believe that the exact moments our little ones arrive is worthy of note. And I am loving getting to create items for parents and grandparents that feel the same. I’m continually thinking of different ways we can #markthemoment and loving that I get be creative every day.

Don’t get me wrong – the last two months haven’t always been easy. Like when each time our little ones arrived, me and the 0938 crew have all had to get used to a ‘new kind of normal’ once more. One where mummy gives shrieks of excitement every time an order comes through (I don’t think this one will ever get boring!), one where the kids are banned from the office, with all its shiny new equipment and one where on occasion I get told off by the hubby for creeping back into the office for ‘two minutes’ once the 0938ers are in bed.

Its tough not to want to work every spare minute when something is so new. My brain is constantly bubbling with ideas on designs, slogans, marketing…that I can get a bit carried away. But thankfully I’ve got my little crew at my side demanding my attention too – and for that I’m grateful. Otherwise I’d miss so many other moments in their lives if I spent every waking moment working on celebrating their first. ?