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Customise your bag by selecting your preferred slogan to reflect your mood, choosing from Last Slept, And so it began, Coffee Addict, Chaos commenced, The Adventure began, Feeling Guilty, At Beck & Call, Lioness or Carrying Kids Crap. 

Proud grandparents, aunties and uncles can choose from a motif (Nanna, GrandmaGrandad or Grandpa / Auntie, Uncle), whilst godparents can opt for a motif of their own or a slogan (Fairy Godmother / Godfather – Bad influence since…). Alternatively all could choose the cheeky ‘I Get to Give them Back‘.

Then simply make it unique by adding the precise time and date of your little ones arrival.


Time *

The time in numbers – separated by a colon i.e. 04:59

Date *

The date in numbers – separated by points i.e. 24.06.09

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Shout about your little ones arrival as your shop with our range of useful tote bags.

The fashion tote is a perfect ‘book bag’ and is made from 100% combed organic cotton.

Your personal specifications will be printed in a white high quality matt vinyl, and applied to the tote using a professional heat press system. Providing a chic, contemporary finish.

Below are examples of the slogans, complete with the arrived time and date:

Below are examples of the motifs:

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Bag Slogans

And So It Began., At Beck and Call, Carrying Kids Crap, Chaos Commenced, Coffee Addict, Fairy Godmother, Feeling Guilty, I Get to Give Them Back, Godfather – Bad Influence, Last Slept, Lioness, Superwoman, The Adventure Began, Mumma Motif, Dadda Motif, Family Motif, Nanna Motif, Grandad Motif, Grandma Motif, Grandpa Motif, Auntie Motif, Uncle Motif, Godmother Motif, Godfather Motif