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09:38 on 24.05.12 – My world changed forever.
09:38 on 29.08.14 – It changed all over again.

One Mumma’s musings on the moments her life changed and all those moments – good, bad and entirely mad that make up being a parent.

I’ve only got one tube…

Not many people know this, but I’ve only got one fallopian tube. There’s no reason for anyone to know, but to me it’s a huge part of my journey into parenthood. When we decided to try for a baby it never occurred to me that we may have any problems. I’d grown up hearing of how […]

Two months in already?!

So we’re nearing our 2 month anniversary of being in business! Wow. How quickly that has gone. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us to date. You really are very lovely people indeed. When we went live at precisely 09:38 (when else..) on October 1st, I’d love to tell you that I was […]

The ‘planned’ C – The first 09:38 story

It’s the inspiration behind this blog – and now my business (!) so I figured it was about time I shared the story of my two 09:38 arrivals. Starting with the time my world changed forever. Take one. I know lots of women really enjoy being pregnant. I’ve read statements like ‘I loved every second.’ […]

Car Captive

This afternoon my lovely dad took time out of his working day to take me and my youngest #0938er to the car garage. It had been in all day for its service and all I needed to do was collect it.  It was absolutely chucking it down, so dad  delivered me right to the door, […]

Passport Panic

I like to think of myself as organised (who doesn’t love a list?!) but no amount of planning could have prepared us for the epic journey that was the road to getting a passport for the youngest  0938er. It wasn’t the passport office at fault (who, it has to be said were brilliant), it wasn’t […]

Well 09:38 seems the place to start:

Exactly 4 years ago today – at this precise moment I became a mumma. My daughter was lifted sleeping from my stomach. My husband shouted “It’s a boy!” the surgeon explained that was the umbilical cord. It was an amazing moment. And terrifying. But mostly just beautiful. This tiny pink bundle, whose legs were up […]