Why Mumma0938?

 On 24th May 2012, at exactly 09:38am my world changed forever when my daughter was lifted sleeping (! – that’s another story) from my stomach. In that precise moment my life was turned wonderfully upside down and inside out. In an instant I became a part of the beautiful, terrifying, exciting, challenging, exhausting, rewarding world of parenthood. And it rocked. 

Fast forward two years and three months and on 29th August 2014 at exactly 09:38am life changed all over again, when I pushed my son into the world.

Obviously it wasn’t intentional to have two little ones at exactly the same time (I’m really not that particular…!) but as it turns out it is incredibly special.

The unusualness of my position got me thinking. We naturally celebrate the day of our children’s arrival, but rarely the exact moment. Admittedly they’re often memories we don’t want to think about in a hurry. BUT take away any trauma of childbirth and the symbolism of the arrival time is hugely important. It is the precise moment you go from woman and man to mum and dad. From people to parents. From a couple to a family. And the change is no less significant if it’s not your first child. It marks the beginning of a whole new adventure  – as a family of four…five…six! It’s the start of getting used to – once more – a whole new kind of normal. And I for one think all these moments are worthy of note.

So #markthemoment with Mumma 09:38.