The first cut is the cutest…

.. (Or most traumatic)
So it happened. Finally. Yesterday the youngest #0938er had his first ever haircut. At 22 months it was well overdue. His mass of curls were out of control and he’d got the surfer dude look down to a tee. But I’ve waited this long for a couple of reasons. No. 1 Even washing his hair is a traumatic experience never mind anything else. And No. 2 I love his curls. And getting them cut is another rite of passage. A step away from babyhood. I know at 22months he’s far from a baby, he’s a boisterous, excited, ecstatically happy  toddler. He’s in full on learning mode – copying everything his sister does (good & bad sadly..), speaking new words every day and getting so much joy from finally making himself understood.

He’s begun thinking of himself as a ‘big boy’. And whilst I might tell him he is, inside me I’m screaming “but you’re my baby…” Sob.

But the day had to come. And so it did, yesterday. It wasn’t planned (best way I find with toddlers – spring it on them with no build up and they can’t protest. Will not as much anyway.) Dadda0938 simply needed a well overdue trim and there was space at a new salon, so he had it done there and then. Both 0938ers were happily playing in the salons courtyard, the youngest blissfully unaware of the plan I was concocting inside.

It went something like this…

Task 1. Attempt to get toddler on to his fathers lap (who is still wearing the cape, thus would be protected from all flying hair).

Outcome? Toddler sits on lap for the briefest of seconds. Recognition of what’s about to happen sets in. Toddler goes into full on rigid mode. No amount of coaxing will make him bend. Tears start. Dadda0938s lap is abandoned. Toddler now on Mumma0938’s lap. Albeit facing forward, in limpet lock mode, nose in her neck.

Task 2. Hairdresser to begin trim, whilst toddler sits still.

Outcome? Still locked at his mummy’s neck, toddler is resolute in his refusal to budge. Hairdresser attempts to employ help of CBeebies, streaming Team Umizoomi on her mobile. Toddlers response ‘No!’ accompanied by wave of hand. Mumma0938 results to a grip normally reserved for visits to the doctors. Hairdresser takes first snip. Toddler screams.

Task 3. Maintain position for a sufficient amount of time to ensure trim doesn’t resemble DIY job.

Outcome? Hairdresser performs a merry dance around toddler. Snipping here and there. Toddler continues to scream. Tears mix with curls on mummy’s neck. Mumma0938 begins to itch.

Task 4. Ensure trim has been a success. Tidy up any loose ends. Reward toddler for bravery.

Outcome? Hairdresser manages one final snip at front (particular spot of wildness). Toddlers sobs reduce to a small, shaky whimper. Disappearing completely as if nothing ever happened when ‘celebratory’ sweet is produced. Mumma0938 continues to itch.

So we got there. Eventually. And he looks so grown up (sniff…)  BUT our method meant the curls haven’t disappeared completely. And for that I’m very thankful.